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1200+ Soft Blue Aesthetic App Icons Pack For iPhone/iOS

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Reach a new level of home screen customisation with our Soft Blue Aesthetic iOS icon pack.

This pack comes complete with a complimentary wallpaper and 3 matching widget images.

Instructions for installing the app icons can be found here.

For the full list of included icons, please see the 'Icon List' tab.

After purchasing this product, you'll instantly be sent a zip file that contains all of your icons. See the 'Delivery Process' tab for more information.



 - Full set of 1200+ App Icons
 - 1x Complimentary wallpaper (free)
 - 3x Matching widget images (free)

Icon List

Every icon is included in all four blue colour themes (see images below).

Here is the full list of icons included in the pack:

Acrobat, Adidas, Adobe, Airbnb, Airpods, Alarm, AliExpress, Alphabet A-Z, Amazon, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Pay, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video, American Airlines, Amex, Angry Birds, App Store, Apple, Apple Pay, Apple Podcast, Apple TV, Asana, AT&T, Audible, Audimack, Bag, Bank, Bank of America, BBC, Behance, Bible, Bing, Book, Booking, Brush, Buzzfeed, Cake, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Canva, CashApp, Chase, Checklist, Chrome, Cisco, Clock, Cloud, CNN, Coffee, Coinbase, Comedy Central, Contacts, Controller, Couch, Credit Card, Crown, Crunchyroll, Crypto, Dashlane, Dentist, Diamond, Discord, Document, Doordash, Dribbble, Dropbox, Duolingo, eBay, Epic Games, Etsy, Evernote, Facebook, Facetime, Feather, FedEx, Firefox, FireTV, Fitbit, Fitness, Flickr, Flipboard, Folder, Fonts, Food, Football, Gallery, Gas Pump, Glasses, Gmail, Google, Google Calendar, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Duo, Google Earth, Google Home, Google Maps, Google Meet, Google Photos, Google Podcasts, Google Sheets, Google Translate, GPS, Gramarly, Groupon, Grunhub, Hangouts, Hastag, HBO, Headphones, Headspace, Heart, House, IFTTT, iHeart, IMDb, Indeed, Instacart, Instagram, Kahoot, Kickstarter, Kik, Klarna, Lamp, Laptop, Lastpass, Light Bulb, Lightroom, LinkedIn, Location, Lock, Lyft, Mail, Maps Me, McDonalds, Meditation, Message, Messenger, Microphone, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Money, Moon, Movie, Music, Nasa, NBA, Netflix, News, New York Times, Nextdoor, Notes, Notion, Number 1-10, Outlook, Pandora, Paw, PayPal, Pencil, Phone, Photo, Photoshop, Pinterest, Pizza, Plane, Plant, PlayStation, Pocket, Pocket-Casts, Postmates, Puzzle, Quora, Rakuten, Reddit, Remote, Restaurant, Revolut, Ring, Roku, Safari, Security, Settings, Share, Shazam, Shop, Shopify, Shopping Cart, Signal, Skillshare, Sky, Skype, Slack, Snapchat, Sneaker, Soccer, Soundcloud, Sparkle, Spotify, Squarespace, Star, Starbucks, Steam, Stocks, Strava, Stripe, Sun, Target, Teams, Telegram, Ticket, Ticketmaster, TikTok, Tinder, T-Mobile, Todoist, Tree, Trello, Tripadvisor, T-Shirt, Tumblr, Tune In, Twitch, Twitter, Uber, Ubereats, Udemy, Venmo, Verizon, Viber, Video, Vimeo, Visa, VPN, VSCO, Wallet, Watch, Wattpad, Waze, Weather, WeTransfer, WhatsApp, Widgets, Wifi, Wikipedia, Wish, Wix, Wordpress, Xbox, Yahoo, Yelp, YouTube, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, YouTube Studio, Zelle, Zillow, Zoom.

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